August Party Themes

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Celebrate August with These Fun Party Ideas and National Day Celebrations

August is the last month of summer, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate with a fun and exciting party! If you need inspiration for your party, there are many weird and wonderful days of the year that occur in August, and they make for great party themes.

From National Watermelon Day to National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, there are plenty of unique and fun ways to celebrate this month. In this blog post, we’ll go over some August party ideas that will have your guests talking about your party for weeks to come.

National Girlfriends Day (August 1):

Show your best buds some love and throw a Girlfriends Day party! This is the perfect opportunity to get together with your closest friends and have a girly day. Plan activities like making flower crowns or doing mani-pedis, or just enjoy catching up over some delicious snacks and drinks.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (August 2nd)

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is the perfect excuse to have an ice cream party! You can make your own ice cream sandwiches by providing different types of cookies and ice cream flavors. Guests can mix and match to create their own unique combinations. You can also set up a DIY sundae bar with different toppings like sprinkles, hot fudge, and whipped cream.


National Watermelon Day (August 3rd)

National Watermelon Day is a fun and refreshing way to celebrate the beginning of August. A watermelon-themed party is perfect for a hot summer day. Decorate your party with watermelon-themed decorations like balloons, tablecloths, and banners. You can even carve a watermelon into a creative centerpiece or use it as a fun party game. For example, fill a large bowl with water and throw in some floating watermelon slices. Using chopsticks, the guest who can pick up the most slices within a minute wins a prize.

Or set up a DIY watermelon bar where guests can make their own watermelon slushies or cocktails. And of course, make sure to have plenty of fresh watermelon slices for everyone to enjoy!

watermelon party

National Chocolate Chip Day (August 4th)

Nothing goes better with a hot summer day than some delicious chocolate chip treats! To celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day, have a chocolate chip cookie-making party. Provide different types of ingredients so that guests can customize their own cookies. Guests can even get creative and make giant cookie cakes or mix up the ingredients to make their own unique flavors.

National Sandcastle Day (first Saturday in August)

Head to the beach to celebrate National Sandcastle Day! Set up a picnic and provide buckets, shovels, and other building supplies so that everyone can create their own sandcastles. Have a competition to see who can build the tallest or most creative sandcastle. You can also have a treasure hunt on the beach for added fun.

National S’mores Day (August 10th)

Who doesn’t love a gooey, chocolatey s’more? National S’mores Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in this delicious treat. You can have a s’mores party in your backyard or around a campfire. Set up a s’mores bar with different types of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. You can also take your s’mores to the next level by adding unique toppings, such as peanut butter cups or caramel sauce. For an extra touch, create a cozy campfire setting to enhance the outdoor atmosphere. And don’t forget the skewers!

National Roller Coaster Day (August 16th)

If you’re looking for an exciting way to celebrate August, why not throw a roller coaster-themed party? Decorate the room with streamers and colorful balloons. You can also set up a DIY roller coaster station where guests can build their own mini roller coasters. Provide different types of materials like paper towel rolls, toothpicks, and masking tape. Once the coasters are built, you can have a race to see whose coaster is the fastest or longest running!

Or you can head to the amusement park and take a ride on the real thing. This is the perfect way to enjoy a summer day with friends and family.

National Relaxation Day (August 15th)

Celebrate National Relaxation Day by throwing a spa-themed party! Set up a relaxing atmosphere with low lighting, calming music, and scented candles. You can also provide face masks, cucumber slices, and mini lotions for an extra special touch. Guests can also enjoy a calming massage or foot soak to help them de-stress. Afterward, everyone can take part in some light yoga poses or just kick back and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Back-to-School Party

For the kids (and parents), host a back-to-school party to celebrate the upcoming academic year. Decorate with school-themed items, such as chalkboards and books, and serve snacks that resemble school supplies, such as apple-shaped cookies and pencil-shaped pretzels. Set up fun activities such as a scavenger hunt or a trivia game to keep the kids entertained.

National Waffle Day (August 24th)

National Waffle Day is a great excuse to have a breakfast-for-dinner party. Set up a waffle bar with different types of waffles like Belgian, blueberry, or chocolate chip. Have a variety of toppings like whipped cream, strawberries, and maple syrup. You can also have a mimosa bar or serve coffee and tea to complete the breakfast theme.

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National Women’s Equality Day (August 26th)

Celebrate this important day by throwing a girls-only party that empowers and uplifts women. Create a cozy atmosphere with female-centric decorations, such as feminist quotes and posters. You can also host a panel discussion or a screening of a fun movie. Don’t forget to serve tasty snacks and drinks that celebrate women-owned businesses.

August is a great month to have a party, and these unique and fun themes are sure to be a hit with your guests. By incorporating these ideas into your next bash, you can ensure a memorable and exciting event for everyone.

Whether it’s a festive watermelon party or a back-to-school celebration, there’s something for every occasion. So, gather your loved ones and get ready for some August party fun!

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