Pecan Desserts For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving desserts are a must, no matter how much turkey you eat you always leave room for dessert. Instead of having the traditional Pumpkin desserts why not try something new with these delicious pecan dessert recipes.

Gooey and decadent pecan dessert recipes that are sure to please the crowd and have them come back for seconds or even thirds.


Crustless Pecan Pie

This is a healthy option and if you need gluten-free, vegan and paleo this is just the pecan pie yu need also made without corn syrup.

Crustless Pecan Pie

==> Find the recipe for this Crust-less Pecan Pie here

Mini Pecan Pies

These are bite sized, perfect for the kiddos. They are simple and Easy and taste delicious

Mini Pecan Pies

==> Find the recipe for these Mini Pecan Pies here

Mini Muffin PanMini Muffin PanMini Muffin PanSilicone Muffin PanSilicone Muffin PanSilicone Muffin Pan


Gooey Pecan Pie Bar

These are made with shortbread crust and a gooey caramel pecan topping, they are seriously delicious and can even use them as lunchbox fillers for the kids over the holiday season.

Gooey Pecan Pie Bar

==> Find the recipe for this Gooey Pecan Pie Bar here

Easy Pecan Pie Bars

This is a different take on Pecan Pie bars with gooey maple pecan filling, these too are easy to make and will be a crowd pleaser.

East Pecan Pie Bars

==> Find the recipe for these Easy Pecan Pie Bars here

Pecan Pie Cookies

I am thinking these yummy chewy pecan pie cookies are going to baked all year round, the kids and the adults will be going back for 2nd or 3rd. Be prepared to make a double batch.

Pecan Pie Cookies

==> Find the recipe for these Pecan Pie Cookies here

Keto Pecan Pie

This homemade, sugar-free, keto pecan pie is the perfect keto dessert for Thanksgiving. You can leave the pecans big or crush them a little so they are smaller but that is a personal preference.

Pecan Pie

==> Find the recipe for this Keto Pecan Pie here

Decadent Butter Pecan Blondies

These butter Pecan Blondies are a great idea for Thanksgiving dessert as they so easy to make are delicious and easy to take to a Thanksgiving party or any Fall party

Butter Pecan Pie Blondies

==> Find the recipe for these Butter Pecan Blondies here

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year with family and friends. So lovely to show your gratitude for everything the year has brought you. With kids at dinner you might need some help to keep them entertained, desserts will be something the kids I am sure will be looking forward to, apple desserts for Thanksgiving will be the easy way to get the kids to eat fruit but have dessert too.

Pecan Butter Pie

Everything in moderation when it comes to this dessert, OMG it is so mouthwatering delicious, it will be a dessert you will come back to time after time.

Pecan Butter Pie

==> Find the recipe for this Pecan Butter Pie here

Collage of Pecan Desserts

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