Poolside Party Games

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Hey there, party enthusiasts! Ready to ramp up the fun at your next poolside gathering? Whether you’re planning a sizzling summer bash or just looking to add a splash of excitement to your backyard, I’ve got the ultimate lineup of poolside games that will make your party the hottest ticket in town!

Ultimate Guide to Poolside Party Games: Splash Into Fun!

Water Balloon Toss

3 pairs of hands picking from a bucket full of water balloons

Grab your partner and a bunch of water balloons and it’s time to toss! Line up opposite each other and start close, tossing the balloon back and forth. Take a step back with each successful catch. The last duo with their balloon intact wins bragging rights. Get ready for some splashy mishaps and tons of laughter!

Poolside Limbo

How low can you go? Set up a limbo stick by the poolside and have everyone test their flexibility under the bar without falling into the water. Crank up the music, and let the limbo showdown start! This game is perfect for a lively crowd and makes for some great photo ops.

Obstacle Course

If your pool is big enough, why not set up an obstacle course? Challengers can race against each other, dodging through tunnels, climbing walls, and sliding down into the water. It’s a fantastic way to add some competitive spirit to the party!

Water Gun Tag

2 ladies shooting with their water guns

Equip everyone with water guns. The person who is “It” has to spray others to tag them. This game is perfect for cooling off and adding some high-energy fun.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest

Freeze t-shirts in blocks of ice. Each participant must thaw and wear their t-shirt as quickly as possible. First to don their chilly tee wins!

Water Hoops

Set up a basketball hoop by the pool, and let players take shots from inside or outside the water. Adjust the difficulty by moving the hoop further from the pool.

Poolside Karaoke

Set up a karaoke machine by the pool. Singing your heart out by the water under the stars? Yes, please! It’s a great way to chill after all the active games.

Giant Jenga

Set up a giant Jenga tower on a stable surface by the pool. The suspense of pulling out each piece without toppling the tower adds a thrilling touch to your party!


Line up cornhole boards along the poolside. It’s a classic game that’s easy to play with a drink in one hand—a party staple!

Mini Golf

Create a mini-golf course around the pool area with various obstacles. It’s a great way to engage guests of all ages in some friendly competition.

Tiki Torch Ring Toss

Set up tiki torches and give guests rings to toss onto them. It’s simple, festive, and perfect for an evening pool party.

Poolside Pictionary

Use a large whiteboard or easel for a game of Pictionary. Teams can gather around without getting wet and guess the drawings.

Bocce Ball

A game of bocce can be played on any flat surface near the pool. It’s a relaxing yet engaging game perfect for socializing.

Frisbee Golf

Set up targets around the pool area and challenge your guests to hit them with a frisbee. Score points based on accuracy!

Lawn Twister

A man and a little boy playing twister game

Use spray paint or large colored circles on the grass to create a giant Twister game. It’s visually striking and loads of fun.

Kan Jam

In this frisbee game, teams of two work to get the frisbee into a can either directly or with the help of their teammate. It’s energetic and a crowd-pleaser.

Ladder Toss

This lawn game involves throwing bolas (two balls connected by a string) onto a ladder structure for points. It’s fun and easy to set up.

Spa Bingo

Hand out bingo cards with common pool party sights and actions (like “someone sips a drink” or “someone applies sunscreen”). First to complete a row wins!

Balance Beam Contest

Set up a low beam and have contests like who can balance the longest or walk while balancing a book on their head. It’s fun and challenging!

Poolside Trivia

Host a trivia session with a mix of general knowledge and summer-themed questions. Make it more interesting with a splash bucket for wrong answers!

Cocktail Crafting Contest

3 glasses of cocktails by the pool

Give your guests a selection of ingredients and challenge them to create the best poolside cocktail. Great for unleashing creativity and cooling off!

So there you have it your guide to an unforgettable poolside party packed with games that will keep everyone entertained. Remember, the best parties are all about laughter, good times, and making a splash! Dive into these games and watch your pool party become the highlight of everyone’s summer. Let’s make some waves!

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